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There’s nothing more upsetting than not realising there’s a new GobLog update until hours later β€” it’s the kind of thing that wrecks your day. Don’t let that happen! Ensure you are notified of updates the moment they occur by subscribing to the feed.

If you have no idea what feed subscription is, read Copyblogger’s introductory article. Using it really will save you hours of time online if you visit plenty of websites, and it’s far more secure than email subscription as you never have to give out your email address. In addition, almost every website has a content feed these days so you hardly ever have to go through your bookmarks checking for updates.

If for some reason you don’t feel ready to join the content feed revolution, you can also subscribe to my blog via email. Please be aware that emails are only sent out once per day, so if there’s more than one update they’ll be compiled together. Still, it’s a good alternative if you’re more comfortable with email. Subscription is handled by FeedBurner, so it’s pretty much guaranteed that you won’t be spammed β€” they are very widely used and reputable.


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