Behind the scenes of Team Fortress 2’s Demoman

Team Fortress 2 Demoman Concept ArtValve’s Team Fortress 2 blog is becoming a rather interesting hotpot of reading material, frequently posting tidbits about how they approach all sorts of development issues such as character design, creating a new map theme (as seen in the latest patch’s new maps), and various other things.

Today’s interesting article concerns the Demoman, and how exactly they came up with his final look. Included are nine pieces of concept art showing how he could have ended up looking, all of which are still pretty awesome. You can kind of see TF2’s other characters in the faces of some of them, making it obvious why these mock-ups were scrapped.

I personally love these behind-the-scenes type things, especially when it’s about a game I love as much as TF2. I really hope Valve publishes more of these for the other characters and whatnot, because over the game’s nine or so years of development there must be an absolute mountain of juicy concept art and such.  Heck, they have whole versions of the game that were just abandoned!

In unrelated news, I’m currently finishing off a little project that I’ve been postponing for absolutely ages. I’ve been resisting working on any other stuff (ie: this blog’s long overdue redesign) as an incentive to sort it out, but clearly that didn’t work too well! Still, about done now — just in time to cover the continuation of the horrific abandonment of the game in question by Activision Blizzard.


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