Wallace and Gromit game coming from Telltale

Wallace and Gromit Game from Telltale GamesIf you fit into any of the following categories:

… then I have some excellent news for you. Telltale Games is making a Wallace and Gromit game!

If you’re not familiar with Telltale, I’d say they’re without a doubt the best crew for the job of turning Wallace and Gromit into the best gaming experience it could possibly be. Telltale is well known for releasing episodic games, beginning with Bone — the second episode of which I reviewed back in 2006. They then moved onto bringing the much-loved Sam & Max back to life, and will soon be releasing a Strong Bad game.

With staff comprised of developers of LucasArts’ old adventure favourites and fans from the community that grew up with those games, everything Telltale’s been putting out since their formation in 2004 has been pretty sweet. There’s every reason to believe that this game will be great, and one of the few film/tv-to-game transitions that’s worth a damn.

There’s not much beyond the announcement and the screenshot above, but this is definitely exciting news that I had to share. I’m certainly excited, anyway!


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