Super Mario Galaxy on the Super Nintendo

Super Mario Galaxy on the Super Nintendo (SNES)As I’m sure anyone who’s been reading my blog for a while is aware, I’m a big fan of the Wii’s Super Mario Galaxy. I have to admit that I’ve still not completed it and have been slowly grabbing bits of playtime on it whenever I feel like it, but then that goes for pretty much every brilliant single-player I have in my backlog (BioShock, Command & Conquer 3, Company of Heroes, and more). Kind of amazing how a job saps your desire to play lengthy single-player games — it isn’t just me who ends up with a huge backlog like this, right?

Back to the point at hand though, TechEBlog have produced a really nice video that shows how they’d see Super Mario Galaxy looking if it were created over a decade ago (Yikes!) on the Super Nintendo. Complete with 2D elements grabbed from some classics of the era such as Yoshi’s Island, it’s probably not that far off!

It kind of saddens me that it could have easily been a lot better, though. I wish they’d put some sound effects in instead of a generic remix of the star music, thus solidifying the illusion of watching a non-existent game. Some of the animation is also pretty flaky, with the rotation in particular often seeming a bit rushed. Still, pretty good stuff! Just, if you’re going to all the trouble of making the custom artwork and whatnot for a video like this, why not spend that little bit longer perfecting it?


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