Child’s Play breaks one million dollar barrier again

Child’s Play CharityFounded by the Penny Arcade guys, Child’s Play is a charity that’s designed to make life for children in hospital a little bit better by providing gaming consoles and whatnot for them. It’s a simple idea, but I’m guessing it really does help a child get past the pain if they have something interactive and awe-inspiring like Super Mario Galaxy to focus on.

Following much effort from gamers and the games industry, Child’s Play has again managed to break the million dollar barrier with a whopping $1,135,000 donated (about £567,000). These funds will be used to provide gaming joy to the 50 hospitals involved.

I personally think this is a fantastic initiative and it deserves mainstream attention, what with the majority of mainstream attention having focused on violence or sales during 2007. For once games are being used to do something unquestionably good (Assuming the games given to the hospitals are rated for children!).

Hopefully the charity will continue to grow, and provide increasing amounts of hospitals with gaming kit. A million dollars goes a long way when it comes to gaming, so every donation is going to be significant.

Well done guys! And it’s good to see there’s now a UK hospital as one of the participating hospitals. Certainly better hospital gaming news than the scumbag I wrote about a couple of years ago.


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