Coloured Wiis return, upgraded and cheaper

Coloured Wiis Suddenly, missing the initial supplies of the Wii doesn’t seem so bad. According to GotFrag who’ve been talking to a Toys R Us manager, Nintendo is planning to release a new revision of the Wii in Spring 2007 that’ll not only sport the multiple colours that were advertised aeons ago, but also have some technical upgrades.

It’s a very vague statement, and I’m not sure I believe the rumour, but it’d make sense; after all, multiple colours are a tradition of Nintendo, and there’s almost certainly room for hardware tweaks now the whole world’s been swinging Wiimotes around and discovering issues with the pointing, etc. In fact, Nintendo announced the other day that they’re shipping an enhanced wrist strap with all future Wii units, so it’s not like the hardware is completely frozen in time from release; small changes such as improved wireless broadcast reception and a more accurate infra-red sensor could be other later additions.

Whatever the case, I’m really not sure if I should continue striving to get a Wii as soon as possible so I can enjoy this copy of Twilight Princess that’s been sitting on my shelf since the 8th or whether I should wait it out until spring. I know I’ll be ticked off if I get one and then there’s a bunch of hardware improvements a few months later, but then just like with PCs it’s impossible to always stay on top; you have to just accept what you’ve got, and live with the fact that people will be getting better stuff for exactly the same price only months or even weeks later.

I guess I’ll find out when I see a Wii and I need to make an impulse decision. Speaking of impulse decisions, I grabbed Yoshi’s Island 2 following an associate of mine talking about it on IRC last weekend; so far it’s a quality game, but it’s certainly not perfect — I’ll write a review soon to elaborate upon that. I also really fancy playing Metal Gear Solid 3 (and 2 for a second time), and might have to grab myself a PlayStation 2 before Christmas.


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