I am not a happy bunny; no chance of launch Wii

I phoned up ASDA (a large UK supermarket chain) and it turns out they’ve had their assignment of launch Wiis, which are due to hit the shelves tomorrow, delegated to the one in the next town. So I phoned the other ASDA up, and at 7pm they said, “We’ve got 14 Wiis, but there’s 14 people in a queue waiting for them to get one at midnight”.

Well, that certainly leaves me up a brown creek. So now I’m stuck with no launch day plan, which was admittedly a desperate one based on missing the early pre-orders. As such, my being shut out of the current affairs in gaming continue and I am, as the title clearly states, not a happy bunny.

If anyone in the UK has any idea where I could put an order in now to at least get one in the next round(s) of shipment(s), please leave a comment. The likes of HMV, Amazon, Play, etc aren’t taking any orders of any kind at the moment, and I bet once they do they’ll all be extinguished again within minutes.

Update: Benny informed me that Argos are claiming to have multiple additional allocations before Christmas, and from the website it looks like he’s right. They’re not currently taking orders (unless I’ve missed something), but the chances of getting one from there are probably higher than the likes of Amazon and Play. Also, I’ve just been told thatmy post/comment pages have been broken for a few days – doh! Fixed now, though.

Update #2: Well, my preordered copy of Twilight Princess came today — but I’ve got no Wii. I could cry. :(


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