So, have any of you guys actually got a Wii?

Wii Launch I’m feeling like a total outcast right now. Everyone is talking about their shiny new Wiis, posting amusing videos on YouTube, sharing talk about Twilight Princess, and generally having an excellent time. I, on the other hand, can’t even think about getting a Wii until they launch here on December 8th, and considering it’s not pay day until the 9th I won’t even have a shot at the launch queues.

Since I’m trying very hard to avoid discussions about Twilight Princess and such due to the risk of spoilers, I ask: do any of you guys brave enough to comment have a Wii? And if so, what do you think? Does it knacker you out playing for extended periods? Is the interface nice? Is Twilight Princess really as good as it looks and sounds? Any other thoughts?

I suppose this is probably a daft set of questions to ask as a large portion of you guys are in the UK, but man do I want to get this limbo period over with and start playing some Wii. It’s really killing me having to wait like this.


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