PlayStation 3 is out; people typically go mental

Wii Guy taunts PlayStation 3 lackys It’s not very often that gaming culture gets a day as exciting as one when a console launches, but when one comes along it’s always a time for hilarity. And by hilarity, I mean a sobering reminder of just how much humanity needs lining up and shooting. At the moment the world is just recovering from November 17th, which is when the next generation of gaming really began if you listen to Sony. Yes, as you’ve undoubtedly heard the PlayStation 3 debuted in the US yesterday, and with it have come countless harrowing stories of muggings, shootings, stabbings, and also some amusing videos.

Since I’ve got bit of a reputation as a Nintendo fanboy (although I habitually own or at least get regular playtime on all consoles), I will of course share with you two videos that fit the stereotype! Yes, first up we have Wii guy in the PS3 line, which is a superb guy dressed up in a Wii costume and taunting people stood in one of the queues for a launch day PlayStation 3.

PlayStation 3 is sledgehammered And as if it isn’t good enough watching this guy give PS3 enthusiasts the middle finger and throwing out those really weak “Why X is better” comments you tend to get in arguments with the more mainstream console gamers out there (you must have met at least one), there’s Smash My PS3, which simply shows an eccentric beardo and his mates applying the sledgehammer treatment to a brand new PlayStation 3 as launch queue lackeys watch on in horror.

Sadly, you can guarantee that the PlayStation 3 army will retaliate by doing exactly the same thing when the Wii launch commences tomorrow.

Update: As expected, the Wii sledgehammer video can now be witnessed.


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