Happy Halloween, and the best pumpkin ever

There’ve been surprisingly few trick or treaters here this year, although I’m sure the US readers amongst you have been continuously bombarded all night. In fact, I can only count two small groups of kids who came to the door requesting an assortment of sweets to be lavished upon them. And the door was ignored for one of them.

Somebody on a forum I visit clearly takes the day more seriously than I do though, and saw fit to create what is quite possibly the best pumpkin in history. Behold:

Mario Halloween Pumpkin

I mean, just look at the craftsmanship on that thing. From the intricately cut out eyes to the semi-transparent hat, it truly is a labour of love. It’s kind of tragic that it’s destined to decompose and be nothing but a memory. Kudos to Bic-Ball for taking the time to produce such a finely customised piece of fruit.

Update: Holy crap, check out 4 colour rebellion’s Halloween collection. Grim Fandango mask, Wiimote costume, Triforce pumpkin, and lots more. Almost makes me wish I did much around Halloween.


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