Same hidden music found in many Nintendo games

Hidden Nintendo Music Here’s an interesting little tidbit that I had absolutely no idea about prior to this morning: in many Nintendo games a certain short piece of music has been hidden by the one man who worked on them all, composer Kazumi Totaka. It isn’t a particularly amazing tune and it appears in its retro format in most games, but it is a rather cool little thing to discover having been under my nose for so long.

What’s even more interesting is that even though it’s been found in loads of games, there’s many more that the composer worked on where it hasn’t been found. Apparently this is almost certainly because not that many people are actually aware of the ongoing secret, and consequently aren’t looking for it.

So, time to change all that! Go ahead and watch the YouTube video. It runs for just over seven minutes and demonstrates how to find the music in a number of games including Mario Paint, Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Super Mario Land 2, Yoshi’s Story, Animal Crossing, and Yoshi Touch and Go. It’s also suspected to be in Luigi’s Mansion amongst others that’re listed in the video.

I love finding little in-jokes like this. Of course, Nintendo’s effort is certainly no comparison to the mighty stump joke!


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