Guy makes Gordon Freeman costume for halloween

Gordon Freeman Costume Ah yes, this is what I like to see. While I’ve been busy obsessing over Twilight Princess videos, Nintendo 64s and global thermonuclear war, I’ve forgotten what really matters in life. What drives us all. What brings communities together as one happy family, arms wrapped around one another. Dressing up as video game characters.

Now, anyone who’s seen my older posts is probably aware of the fact that I’m not a big fan of cosplay. There’s something about dressing up as video game characters for no particular reason that unsettles me. But this is different! It’s Halloween at the end of the month. Yes people, now’s the time to go crazy on those video game costumes.

Today’s item of choice is a Gordon Freeman costume, based on the namesake main character of the Half-Life games. Click the big thumbnail and you’ll get a nice big comparison of the real Gordon Freeman and the costume that I took the liberty of producing. As you can see it’s rather accurate, although some proportions are a bit off. And of course the fact that he’s even made a headcrab earns double points!

Thanks to Planet Half-Life for bringing this beauty to my attention. Although it’s not a massive deal for many here in the UK, I hear you guys in the US get quite giddy over Halloween. Any of you planning on grabbing some video game gear for the event?


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