1up looks into the history of the Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 and controllers To celebrate it being ten years (Jeeze!) since the release of the Nintendo 64, 1up has decided to post a five-page article that looks at the rich history of the machine, ranging from its original aspirations to the disaster that was the hyped but generally absent 64DD. If you’re a fan of Nintendo and owned a Nintendo 64, you’ll definitely want to give this feature a read.

It gives some insight into various aspects of the console’s achievements and failures, and is generally really nice to read considering a lot of us were in our gaming prime once the Nintendo 64 kicked into action. I wasn’t actually aware the console only launched with two titles, though I’m not sure if that was the case in Europe. There’s also a bunch of other tidbits in there that I’m sure you didn’t already know.

I’d also like to remind you all that Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one freaking hard game. My sister’s currently playing through it alongside Wind Waker, and it’s just a complete sod. I’m not sure if it’s as generally infuriating to play as the stealth fortress section towards the beginning of Wind Waker, but it’s certainly up there once you reach the adult Link dungeons. I advise not going back to the game if you feel tempted, and instead make do with your happy memories of it. Going back to it will ruin them.


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