Zelda: Twilight Princess Wii played in mirror mode

Link in Zelda: Twilight Princess I found something really weird out today, and I can’t actually work out whether it’s something that matters or not. While I heard a while ago that the Wii version of Zelda: Twilight Princess (see my older posts about Zelda: Twilight Princess) would deviate from the Zelda tradition of Link being left-handed as it’d be strange to use the Wiimote with your right hand and your character to use his left, I didn’t think much of it. I just assumed the character animations would be flipped to compensate.

But according to a Wii Source Online post, it’s not just Link who is reversed. No, the entire game is mirrored, meaning that if you were to put two televisions next to each other with the GameCube version on one and the Wii version on the other, it’d look like one was a mirror of the other.

Now, assuming that Nintendo is smart enough to not have mirrored text and whatnot (simply a matter of flipping the textures in Photoshop I’d imagine), does this really matter? Or assuming you get it for the Wii, will the knowledge of knowing that you’re playing it backwards from how it was originally designed detract from your enjoyment of the game? I don’t think I really care, but it’s a weird thing to be aware of.

As a side note, I read earlier this week that the Wii version of Zelda: Twilight Princess has been graphically updated for the Wii. It looks like the majority of this involves stuff like blooming and various other general changes (ie: stuff that doesn’t require them to redo every model and texture) so it’s not going to be pushing the Wii to its absolute limits, but at least it’s some more incentive to get the Wii version, alongside the more engaging controls and earlier release date. If that floats your boat, anyway.


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