Stop your DS Lite cracking; get a different case

DS Lite transparent case As most DS Lite owners are aware, there’s been a few reports in the community of cracks appearing on the hinge that connects the two parts of the clamshell design together. Although this has only affected roughly 0.2% of owners, Nintendo’s excellent reputation for build quality combined with numerous reports of such an issue caused a really big stir.

So how do you ensure you don’t fall victim to this debatable design flaw? Make your DS Lite look like crap, of course! Yes, for a mere cost of around £18 you can get rid of your beautiful white DS Lite case and put a transparent one in its place that exposes the ugly internal circuitry. Don’t put up with a smooth white surface; you need one that allows you to enjoy being distracted by the multi-coloured internal workings of the machine.

But seriously, that is one ugly case mod, and I kind of thought the style had died out several years ago. Though even back then when it was appearing on all sorts of electrical devices, I still thought it looked horrible. I mean, I want to have the internals hidden by a nice smooth cover of some sort; it’s like buying a car with a transparent shell so all the engine and everything is exposed. It wouldn’t be cool or sleek — it’d just look ridiculous. I’ve also always hated those PC cases with big windows on the side, with blue cathodes lighting up all the motherboard and whatnot. Surely I’m not alone on this?

For more photos of this visual disaster, check out the Flickr album. Thanks to Go Nintendo for posting about it in the first place.


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