The GobLog is back; updates to resume normally

Ryan's GobLog version 2 The redesign process took a bit longer than expected since I had some random CSS problems (always fun) and worked on it in chunks, but all should be all working fine now. I spent some time fine-tuning the CSS so it appears pixel perfect in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera, and having quickly thrown it through iCapture it appears to be the case for Safari too. Don’t say I don’t love you.

Since there’s now a sidebar I’ve thrown a bunch of stuff on there that you may or may not find useful. Having those links should help new readers to find my various content easily, and hopefully lure them in permanently! Other than that the site is very much the same as before, and I’ve intentionally kept the design quite similar.

One thing you guys are likely to appreciate more than me is that there’s once again no ads, which means the site has gone back to making nothing. Not that I’m too upset or anything, but I was really hoping I’d have been able to get a copy of Mint for $30 rather than relying on third-party hosted solutions for bot-free stats tracking. If you feel really awesome, any and all PayPal donations to would be highly appreciated. I promise it’ll go towards Mint.

Anyway, updates should resume appearing every day or two now that stuff is sorted out on the design/WordPress end. If anyone would like to do a ‘blogroll’ exchange which means nothing more than that we exchange sidebar links, leave a comment and as long as the site is video game related and updated frequently (once or twice a week) I’ll add it.

Oh, and the header image will change depending upon what tickles my fancy at the moment.


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