Superb German Honda TV commercial parodies Tetris

Tetris Honda advertisement Joining McDonalds’ Super Mario Bros parody and Coca Cola’s Grand Theft Auto parody, Honda has decided to advertise its new vehicle by parodying one of the most well known games in the world, Tetris. I don’t think this is quite as superb as the two aforementioned ads, but it’s certainly a good try.

Fortunately for those who aren’t German such as myself, the ad has pretty much no text or speech, relying on the hugely recognisable Tetris tune and the visual imitation of the game’s simple but addictive gameplay to do the business. It is basically a bloke loading the back of his car with luggage, with said luggage being inserted like Tetris pieces to slot in perfectly.

There’s not much to say about this ad since it is what it is. There’s no underlying irony or a dual-parody as with McDonalds’ effort; it’s simply a real-life implementation of Tetris, complete with music and sound effects. Top stuff — thanks to Aeropause for pointing this beauty out.

Update #1:
It looks like we might have a dual-parody on our hands after all! Gay Gamer point outs that The Simpsons ran a very similar scene during an episode, and upon watching the video it’s quite clear that the inspiration could easily have originated from there.


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