Half-Life movie adaption trailer available on YouTube

Half-Life movie trailer Now this is what I like to see: the trailer for an unofficial movie adaption of Half-Life. It’s got the atmosphere, it’s got the characters, and it’s even got some basic CGI. The downside? According to the author comments it was simply produced as a class project and will not be a full production. Damnit.

Half-Life is one movie I’d really like to see done properly, though I’m sure there’s many who’d rather the risk not be taken considering the poor history of game-to-movie adaption. Still, just think about the potential for a second. The entire movie is practically already there: a scientist in a top-secret, remote, gigantic, underground facility goes to work; things go wrong; he has to get out while avoiding the many menaces along the way. The only difference is it’d be from a third-person perspective rather than first, and I’m sure there’d have to be a scientist or two that lasts a bit longer than thirty seconds. But hell, it could be superb. The entire premise of Half-Life is, for lack of a better word, cool.

In other news, I’m doing some writing over here throughout September and possibly beyond, so head over there if you’re interested in seeing more of my writing handiwork. The style is a little different to here, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it just the same. I’ll continue doing my regular posts here though, so don’t worry about losing me.


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