Red Steel to have fully dynamic Wiimote sword action

Red Steel on the Wii A lot of people were worried when the E3 information onslaught hit the web. Red Steel, a sword/gun thriller to be released exclusively on the Wii, did not have fully dynamic sword action. To clarify, that’s where the sword in the game would follow how you’re holding your Wiimote, making your real life actions literally translate to the game.

Instead, it was set up so that the game would interpret rough positions of the Wiimote and turn them into ingame actions. For example, swinging the Wiimote forward would trigger a generic “lunge forward with sword” animation, basically the same as pressing A in a Zelda game. There was no physical relationship between the sword in the game and your Wiimote.

But that’s no longer the case. According to a post on the IGN forums that is in turn a translation of a German Nintendo site’s interview, Red Steel will in fact have fully dynamic Wiimote sword action. Yes, now the sword really will follow exactly how you hold your Wiimote. I just hope there aren’t any silly restrictions in place. How cool would it be to be able to hold the sword horizontally in front of your face in a silly cinematic fashion? Very cool. Useless from a gameplay perspective, but simply being able to do that kind of thing makes all the difference to the player experience.

Red Steel on the Wii Other tidbits revealed in the interview are that the graphics have been upgraded a lot since E3, and that there’ll be no loading times and instead a special streaming system — probably similar to Metroid Prime, where what’s behind the next door is loaded as you approach it, and the previous room unloaded.

According to 4color rebellion’s translation, Red Steel will not launch with online play (it’s implied that this could somehow change later; possibility of patching using the Wii Wifi system?), and the Wiimote’s speaker will be used for immersive sound effects.

Overall, Red Steel is shaping up to be a pretty damn stellar game. If they can nail the sword action then it’ll definitely add a very interesting slant to the first-person shooter mechanic, as long as it can be backed up by actually being a fun FPS. Here’s hoping that the Ubisoft magic which ocassionally rubs off onto its games (read: Beyond Good and Evil) will come into play here.


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