Command & Conquer 3 gameplay video from Leipzig

Command & Conquer GDI base I’m watching a video right now of Command & Conquer 3 gameplay. It’s early and I’m tired so I’m not going to go into it in too much depth, but it’s all actual gameplay rather than the cinematic stuff seen in other videos thus far. None of those silly camera angles that you’ll never use while playing the game yourself.

Everything I’ve seen up to now has been really promising. It actually looks like true C&C when not viewing it at a crazy angle, and the build animations and whatnot are superb. There’s also some combat later into the video, and that again looks excellent. It looks like they’ve really cracked the spirit of C&C with this, unlike Generals which while I think was a good real-time strategy game, kind of deviated from the C&C formula a bit. It felt like another series.

Oh, and the video’s from Leipzig so there’s a guy describing everything that’s happening on screen. I personally love this type of video, though I know it bothers some people and it can potentially spoil the experience of discovering how the game works for yourself when you get it. Avoid if that’s a concern.


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