New shots of Yoshi’s Island 2, Mario Basketball, and more

Yoshi's Island 2 Penny Arcade Expo 2006 is occuring right now, which may or may not end up becoming E3 #2 now that the original E3 has been dissolved. And fittingly, a bunch of new DS game screenshots have been unveiled that show off a variety of upcoming titles. British Gaming Blog has seen fit to neatly put these together, which makes browsing through them quite easy.

The games that immediately catch my attention are Mario vs Donkey Kong, Yoshi’s Island 2, Mario Slam Basketball, and StarFox Command. All quite clearly look brilliant, although the StarFox screenshots aren’t the most flattering around; I suggest watching the video instead. I’m also somewhat intrigued by the other titles on show: Elite Beat Agents looks rather stylish, and then there’s Final Fantasy III, a 3D remake of the original.

The original Final Fantasy III was supposedly never actually released outside of Japan and the rest of the world got something else, so it should be a new experience for the majority of those reading this blog. Finally there’s 41 All Time Classics, which brings 41 classic games (as in Poker, etc) to the DS with Wi-Fi play. Not too excited about that myself, but I can see it appealing to many others — especially the older crowd.


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