Old people will one day discuss their latest frags

Old gamer There’s a fairly intriguing “food for thought” article over on Aeropause right now that looks at the prospect of pensioner gaming. It’s surprisingly something I’ve never really thought about before, and now that I’ve sat down and done so it’s quite a surreal mental image. I mean, what do you think of when you let oldies fill your head? Chances are it’s not of people talking about the latest video games, laughing out loud while gathered around a game of Mario Kart as one bloke wrecks another with a blue shell, and sitting in a circle playing wireless multiplayer on their handhelds. But that could be exactly what we’re all destined to become.

I mean, look at the picture of the bloke above that I’ve stolen from the article. What would you imagine that guy doing throughout his day? Sitting on his armchair reading the paper and watching some TV classics, perhaps going down to the shop for some milk and bread? But imagine him instead walking up to you and going on about how he spandoozled some 14-year-old newbie in Team Fortess 7 last night, then proceed to discussing the upcoming Unreal Engine 9.

Yes folks, this is our future. And personally, I’m quite looking forward to having retirement dosh to spend on gaming and filling my days with fun rather than rotting away in some manky room sleeping throughout the day due to sheer boredom, hoping my family will give me the gift of half an hour of conversation every week or so. Plus we’ll all get to wave our old gamer status in the faces of the new blood — finally we can act like war veterans!


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