Lego used to reproduce classic video game screenshots

Lego Metal Gear Ah, Lego. Something I spent countless hours with as a child, doing everything from building spaceships to acting out imaginary scenes from Monkey Island (thanks to the pirate themed Lego stuff being released at roughly the same time). Yes, Lego is a good thing. My entire bedroom was at one point a Caribbean island — as far as I was concerned anyway.

So when somebody takes a good thing and then does something even better with it, naturally I feel obligated to post about it. In this case, I’m talking about a small project that one R. LeFeuvre has undertaken: reproducing scenes from classic video games using Lego and a camera. A simple concept, but the results are oh so sweet.

Lego Duck Hunt It really is the simplicity of the idea that impresses me the most. I mean, we’ve all (re)created scenes from our favourite games or movies using Lego, right? So why hasn’t it occured to anyone to turn them into faux screenshots? Don’t ask me. Or perhaps they have and I’m simply too blind to have seen them. Either way, this guy has done it and I like what I see.

The games LeFeuvre covers are Metal Gear, Duck Hunt, Excitebike and Bionic Commando. Note the way that he’s recreated the interfaces of the games. Click on the images to bring up a giant version so you can see how every last piece of Lego slots together. Yes my friends, this is the kind of thing that is making you want to dig out your Lego from the attic right now. You never know, we might see a whole cult emerge dedicated to the recreation of video game screenshots in Lego.

View the whole gallery and be inspired.


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