Nintendo 64 kid’s father claims kid is still gamer

According to Destructoid, somebody claiming to be the Nintendo 64 kid’s dad has contacted them via eBay and proclaimed that his son is in fact a hardcore gamer after all. The message which can be alternatively read in .jpg form reads as follows:

Nintendo 64 kid's dad “The N64 Kid lied. He played the game and still played it up until the video hit the web. He even had to have and we bought him PS2 when that came out. Don’t let me son kid you. I’m sure he doesn’t even play as much as some people but his interview was very misleading and I told him how I felt about it. Yes, I am his dad. It is obvious to everyone that his emotions expressed in the video from 1998 were genuine and that is eternal and this video clip will never grow old to anyone.”

If that is indeed his father than he’s clearly not a man who paid much attention during English classes. I’d be inclined to call it phoney, but I’ve not really much else to go on. I guess it does have that fatherly “No, my son loves games! Keep talking about him!” instinct to it.

Note: This post is a follow-up to Nintendo 64 kid interviewed; is no longer a gamer.


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