Day of the Tentacle cosplay gone very, very wrong

Day of the Tentacle cosplay I was kind of hoping the fanboy guy I posted about last week would remain the worst case I’ve ever seen of obsession, and… well, he still is. But somebody started a thread on the Mojo forums today that’s quite a contender!

That is two people dressed up in Day of the Tentacle costumes at a cosplay convention, where basically a bunch of people dress up as video game characters.

Day of the Tentacle cosplayThink that’s some dedicated fandom? Then check out this second picture to the right. You’re looking at a picture of two guys in Day of the Tentacle costumes, in turn dressed up as Link and Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda games. Eep!

Update: I was a little harsh when I first wrote this post over a year ago, for which I apologise. In my book, if you’re passionate about something then you’re entitled to show that in whatever way you please. Clearly a lot of effort went into these costumes, and I should have focused on that rather than grumbling about cosplay in general.


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