Nintendo 64 kid interviewed; is no longer a gamer

Many people have come across the Nintendo 64 kid video during the past several months. If you haven’t, allow me to describe it in one sentence: a young boy gets excessively excited when his parents buy him a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. Seems innocent enough, right? Just wait until you see the video!

Nintendo 64 kid Some will see bits of themselves in the Nintendo 64 kid, reminded of the days when they too would get excited in front of the Christmas tree. Others will see a deranged child who clearly needs to lay off the smarties. Whatever the case, there’s no doubt that the video is a charming depiction of childhood joy, even if it is a bit worrying.

People were surprised a week or so ago when the Nintendo 64 kid’s original N64 appeared on eBay, allegedly being sold by the Nintendo 64 kid himself — except now all grown up. It looks like it’s the real deal, and DSMeet has taken the opportunity to interview him, asking him all sorts of questions.

One of the most startling revelations in the interview is that the Nintendo 64 kid isn’t a gamer at all, and only used the N64 he got so excited about for roughly a year:

“NO [I’m] not [a gamer] at all actually, haha I spend my time filming skateboarding and short films, editing, working on my website, skateboarding, being with my girlfriend, and what not … I played [on my Nintendo 64] for like a year then got out of it. I still NEVER play video games, cept for 007 golden eye every once in a while.”

Nintendo 64 kid joyful So there you have it. A kid that many assumed would turn out to be one of the most devoted gamers ever doesn’t play them at all, and instead spends his time doing regular teenager things: film editing, skateboarding, and girlies.

I really hope this is the real guy because the auction on eBay currently stands at $1,001, which is quite a pretty penny for an N64 and two controllers! In fact, this gives me a cunning plan. I’ll need my younger brother, my old N64, and a video camera. See you later!


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