E3’s cancellation very possible within 48 hours

In a move that’s sent shockwaves across the games community, Next Generation has dropped the bombshell that E3 might be a goner in its current form. With an official cancellation expected within 48 hours, the article states that “Publishers believe the multi-million dollar budgets would be better spent on more company-focused events that bring attention to their own product lines rather than the industry as a whole”.

E3 building One thing’s for sure: this isn’t news that a lot of people want to hear. From a consumer perspective E3 is a very wild time of year, with endless videos, announcements and screenshots hitting the web at an almost impossible rate. It’s presumably similarly exciting for those attending and covering the event too, albeit stressful Not to mention the parties that’re supposed to take place afterwards!

But as Joystiq points out, is the event no longer existing as it does now such a bad thing? I personally don’t think so. The problem with E3 is that it comes, and several days later it’s gone again for a whole year. The publishers let out everything they’ve got in one big explosion that’s impossible for any one man to keep track of and then all stays relatively quiet for ages. Is this model really that good for those on the receiving end of all the coverage?

Inside E3 Without E3, smaller shows would get a chance to exist. What about a purely Nintendo show? Perhaps there could even be genre-specific shows. Plus the ESA might want to arrange these smaller shows, resulting in what’s like a number of miniature E3s all through the year instead of just one massive event. From a consumer standpoint this would be ideal. Not only would there be a more even supply of information throughout the year, but it’d be easier to keep track of what interests you by only paying attention to those events that’re relevant to your own needs.

As long as the ESA doesn’t totally bottle it and cease doing any kind of events period, I think we’ll be all right.

Update: According to Opposable Thumbs who have a number of sources close to the ESA, E3 will not be cancelled. However, it will be downsized dramatically, presumably taking it back to the more exclusive days. This’ll almost certainly mean harsher entry requirements and less extravagant booths and whatnot. Be sure to read their article for the full lowdown.

Update#2: The downsizing has been officially confirmed.


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