Summer of Merchandise: Mario Party figurines

Princess Peach, Donkey Kong and Wario figurines I think this is pretty much the end of my Summer of Merchandise. So far we’ve had a Yoshi plushy, a Donkey Kong themed fake GameBoy, and a posable Banjo-Kazooie model. I do have some Psychonauts goodies lying around (loads actually; they were a gift), but I can’t be bothered digging those out.

So, I conclude the series with my Mario Party figurines. I think they’re from Mario Party anyway. They were originally a gift my parents got for my sister, but since she’s a bit odd and doesn’t love her Nintendo that much I decided to keep them safe. And by safe I mean I threw them into a box and left them there for an eternity.

Princess Peach, Donkey Kong and Wario figurines There’s a Mario and a Luigi somewhere too, but they don’t appear to be in the box. I hope they’re in another box since although the magnificent Wario is present (clearly the best Nintendo character in history), you just can’t have a set of Nintendo figurines without Mario and Luigi. It’s like having some bread and butter without Marmite, or trying to learn to play the Mario soundtracks by ear: madness. I guess I could always carve some replacements out of a potato if it comes down to it.

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