Summer of Merchandise: Banjo-Kazooie posable model

Posable model of Banjo from Banjo-Kazooie Today has been a very fruitful day. At the bottom of a box I found a posable model of everybody’s favourite Rare bear, Banjo. Although his partner Kazooie isn’t included, clearly Banjo alone can provide hours of fun. You can make him lift up his arms as if about to punch some unsuspecting enemy. Bend his legs to give the illusion of running. Twist his head, pretending he’s scouting the area. And… well, that’s about it really.

Still, it’s another nice little memento. It was actually made to accompany the release of Diddy Kong Racing as opposed to Banjo-Kazooie or Banjo-Tooie, and did in fact originally come with the cute green car that he rides in the aforementioned game — it fired missiles and everything. Sadly I’ve no idea where the car has gone, though it could always turn up as the Summer of Merchandise continues.

I unearthed something else while freeing Banjo from his cluttered prison, but I’ll post them a bit later on tonight. Don’t forget that you can click on any of these images to view them in their full-size glory; I’ll work on a way to make it more clear which thumbnails can be clicked once I’ve got the next post out the way.

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