Summer of Merchandise: Donkey Kong GameBoy

A GameBoy and its imposter cousin Does it show that I’m doing a bit of summer cleaning? Not only did I find my old GameBoy today, but I also stumbled across an imposter back from when I assume was the release of Donkey Kong Country. It is a bottle of shampoo in the shape of a GameBoy, complete with a built-in game! The two GameBoy buttons make air spurt out of the bottom of the screen, pushing balls up through water; you have to make the balls land in some banana-shaped platform thingies.

I never actually used it so it’s still got that classic 1994 shampoo sealed inside — I don’t really fancy having a bit of that. The water in the screen has also somehow managed to deplete somewhat, now only containing roughly a third of what it used to. God knows where that’s gone.

The Summer of Rediscovery continues tomorrow. What will I find? More Nintendo memorabilia? A stash of ancient video game magazines? Dominik Diamond frozen in time? Whatever it is, you can bank on me to rush straight to this blog and write all about it. Because you care so, so much.

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