Five minutes of Super Mario Galaxy

Eh? What’s that? There was a massive trade event last week called E3? Never heard of it. However, I just came across an excellent looking video of the upcoming flagship Mario title for the Wii, Mario Galaxy.

Although I saw a number of videos of Mario Galaxy during the aforementioned event, they all had really bad sound quality, and most only showed short parts of the demo. This doesn’t show it all, such as the massive Shadow of the Colossus-esque boss with the epic music, but it does demonstrate for a full five minutes.

So, check it out if you want five minutes of Mario Galaxy with pretty distinguishable sound, with the exception of the odd bit of banter in the background — not sure how they managed to get E3 so quiet! It really does look very nice, and the theme (planetoids in space) does have potential to be fantastic if done right, especially if some larger ones are featured. Some in the demo have blue atmospheres, you’ll notice.

It’s actually really refreshing to see how traditional this game looks. Although the Wiimote will no doubt open up some weird and wonderful tricks, if you pay attention you’ll notice that the level design is classic Mario 64 in parts, that a lot of the enemies are from the oldies, and even the stars have made a return instead of the shine sprites from Mario Sunshine. The moves also seem to be fairly traditional, instead of being based around a gizmo as in Mario Sunshine.

All in all, I’m very excited about this game.


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