New Super Mario Bros content overload

Since my last blogging about New Super Mario Bros, quite a lot of new information has appeared. Edge Magazine seems to be doing monthly articles on the game at the moment, and so are many others. The most predominant addition as of late, however, is the new video on the official website.

Check it out — it’s on the left. Inside you will see that New Super Mario Bros will in fact include a lot of moves introduced in Mario 64, including wall rebounds, that flippy jump thing, and even arse stomps. They all seem to work surprisingly well in 2D; it’s surprisingly how well they translate over, as if Nintendo intended for them to eventually become so back when designing the N64’s 3D pioneer.

Also of note is this page full of scans, heartily stolen from Nintendo Power. There’s a whopping five pages of New Super Mario Bros coverage, it’s nicely presented, and it also contains quite a lot of hard information — definitely something to check out if you’re as enthused as I am about the upcoming potential classic.

I only have one thing to say: bring it on.


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