New New Super Mario Bros video released

Apparently there’s some “Game Developers Conference” nonsense going on right now. Probably just a bunch of indie developers in somebody’s basement talking about why they’re not receiving the love!

But, one thing that seems to have come out of this conference is a fantastic new video of New Super Mario Bros, which is quite clearly going to be the best game in history. Click your face here to download it from 1UP.

It’s shakycam, so the sound is a little drowned out by the audience, but the video quality is excellent — it lasts for a whole three minutes, too. Did I mention that it looks bloody gorgeous?

I haven’t even got a DS yet, but seeing the likes of this, Super Princess Peach (which looks a lot like Yoshi’s Island) and the upcoming Zelda is more than enough to convince me that I need to purchase the DS Lite once it hits these white shores.


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