New 2D Worms game coming to handhelds

Worms Warfare Okay, this isn’t exactly new news or anything: It’s common knowledge that a 2D Worms game is being developed for the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS, and that it won’t be a straight port. But, Jesus; I’ve just watched three short gameplay videos, and my mouth is open.

Worms basically speaks for itself as the best multiplayer game in history, so I won’t bore you with details on that. Instead, just grab the videos and behold a 2006 spin on 2D Worms:

At first I was a little put off by the Worms 3D worms basically being turned 2D, but then I have been looking at the old cutesy ones since around 1999; it’s definitely time for a bit of a change, and they’re still pretty ace. What really stands out, however, are the weapons, explosions and maps — just look at them!

I don’t like the PSP so I’ll never be buying this, but it fills me with joy to see Team 17 returning to their roots and also seemingly doing it rather well. The gameplay basically looks the same as in Worms Armageddon, although the weapon selection did look a little small, and they evidently held back on using anything particularly fancy for this demonstration.

Unfortunately, the DS version looks kind of poo alongside the spectacular, smooth visuals of the PSP version, and it has no multiplayer — I really hope that a PC version ultimately makes it out despite a port of this particular game being officially denied. Let me know if the video links collapse and I’ll mirror them.


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