Bloke steals Playstations from hospital

Ah yes, it’s news stories like this that truly make me proud to be a part of this country. Basically, a hospital originally had a whole bunch of Playstations which, although are outdated, supposedly helped to ease the suffering of burn victims and such who obviously have to endure prolonged periods of unavoidable pain.

So, eager to do his part for the community spirit, some upstanding citizen strolled in and nicked all but one of them. Now, the remaining Playstation must be shared between over a dozen patients. Nice.

The hospital would like to get Playstation 2s to replace the aging Playstation selection and are doing the whole fundraising thing to work towards this. Fortunately, it looks like Jack Thompson’s arch nemesis Child’s Play (courtesy of Penny Arcade) is on the case, well known for dishing out the dosh to those in need and having raised over half a million dollars in 2005. At least, according to this comments area they are. It’d be a nice and appropriate happy ending if it came to fruition, that’s for sure.


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